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              Our Christian journey walking with the Son of God, Jesus Christ our
Lord, is not always easy, certain or comfortable. Sometimes, we feel
vulnerable and find ourselves walking in uncertain and wilderness

              So, living in our vulnerability, we experience some questions and
discomfort along the way. We are tested, and we faithfully persevere.
Living in these times and sp aces is where truth, blessings, and divine
assurance abound. Here is where we join together with each other and
the triune relationship of God. We believe in the resurrection of Christ, so
we too, may trust in new life here on earth. When we live with this hope,
when we journey in this faithful way, we will know the unending holy
fellowship of peace, hope, and love God desires for us.

  Palm Sunday embodies the sharp contrast of Holy Week. Through
his entrance with the palms, we experience the joyous demonstration
of loyalty to Jesus as he enters Jerusalem. Festive Palm Sunday
music and palms for everyone.

Maundy Thursday 6:00 p.m. service. This is the night Christians
commemorate the supper Jesus shared with his disciples before his
crucifixion, when Jesus washed the disciples’ feet, and instituted the
Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. Traditional actions on this night

include confession and pardon, proclamation of the Word, washing,
the Lord’s Supper, and Stripping of the Church

          TPUMC traditional soup and bread Seder meal in fellowship hall will
        follow the worship service and Stripping of the Church.

Good Friday 7:00 p.m. service. This is a service of darkness. We encounter and

We encounter and relive the Passion of Jesus Christ, through an extended meditation of readings from John 18.

Easter Sunday is a service of light. Christ is Risen! He is risen indeed! Alleluia!

The Lenten Season, the events of Palm Sunday and Holy Week
make up the central story of our faith.

                    How has following Jesus redefined the meaning of glory and                    majesty in your life?
Where is the Good News in the story of the cross?
How does it change the way you live?


May the promise of God’s Keeping and Love for all God’s people be with you forevermore,



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